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We have been creating jewelry from copper since 1992. Nowadays we devote our time to creating folk jewelry from copper, stones, river pearls, glass and other natural materials. Techniques of processing mostly involve beating, forging, soldering, etching, mintaging and others. We aspire to have our own works, but still we are for sure inspired by visiting museums and studying literature. If we don’t appear to offer something to meet your needs or interest, we are able to custom make jewelry to order, according to your sketch.

It is adequate to say that each piece of our jewelry is an original, which meets our image about what to offer on the market.

The domain of my wife is the creation of colorful candles. She has been doing this since 1998. The primary material used is colored paraffin. Candles are variously shaped and carved. If you would wish, we can supply even perfumed candles.

Even though we both come from cities, we live in a small village called Klevetov by Letovice, approximately 45 km north of Brno.

It is possible to arrange to meet us in our house to see how our products are made.

We supply jewelry, candles and our other products to dealers and gallery owners. We also personally present them for sale at historical fairs or markets at fortresses and castles.

When you are pleased with our artistic works, we will consider ourselves lucky J.

Petr Uhlíř and Zuzana Žáková


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Zuzka Žáková and Petr Uhlíř
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